By donating to Pollen8, LLC., d/b/a Cafe Appalachia, you're supporting women in recovery transition to long-term sobriety.

As we celebrate our first successful year, we have the opportunity to expand and help more women in recovery, but only with your support. We offer many ways to support Cafe Appalachia including one-time payments and recurring monthly payments. If you are considering a major gift, please contact Cheryl at 304.389.0803 or Sara McDowell at 304.881.9721.

Your gift directly supports the employment and training efforts of women transitioning from recovery into long-term sobriety. We're helping individuals rebuild their lives, bringing families together again, and restoring faith and hope to many through the simple act of bringing people to the table of life. 

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can change the narrative for West Virginia. 


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